Yuanli Wang

I am a computer science master student at University of Minnesota. My research interests are in database and distributed systems.

Before I came to UMN, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Hefei University of Technology.

I will join Complex Analytics & Scalable Processing (CASP) Research Lab at Boston University as a PhD student this fall!

Email: yuanliw at bu dot edu  /  CV  /  Twitter  /  Github  /  Google Scholar

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Publication & Talk
Fail-slow fault tolerance needs programming support
Andrew Yoo, Yuanli Wang, Ritesh Sinha, Shuai Mu, Tianyin Xu
Accelerated Training via Device Similarity in Federated Learning
Yuanli Wang, Joel Wolfrath, Nikhil Sreekumar, Dhruv Kumar, Abhishek Chandra
EdgeSys 2021
AutoTiKV: TiKV tuning made easy by AI and machine learning.
CNCF and PingCAP official blog. 2019

Work Experiences

Database Engineer Intern | 06/2019 - 12/2019

Worked on AutoTiKV project from scratch: use machine learning to tune database under user-specific workloads.

Professional Activities
  • Artifact Evaluation Committee, SIGCOMM 2021

  • Teaching
  • Teaching Assistant for CSCI 5105 Distributed Systems, University of Minnesota, Spring 2021
  • Teaching Assistant for CSCI 5103 Operating Systems, University of Minnesota, Fall 2020

  • Honors and Awards
  • NSDI '21 Student Grant
  • Selected entrant for 2019 Google Machine Learning Winter Camp
  • Rank 16/183 in 2018 ACM-ICPC North Central North America Regional Contest
  • Bronze Medal, 2015 China Collegiate Programming Contest

  • Personal
    I am maintaining a reading notes of system papers.
    I love traveling and collecting old computer hardware. Here are the albums of my photography and collections.
    I am also active on zhihu and weibo. See my blogs about computer system research.

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